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We all have a dark side, I love the night, the stars, the moon, and oh yes and the Vampires. I love Gothic, Spirits and Vampire works of art. A memory that burns bright for me, is a place we would go to eat and drink in Nuremberg, Germany. It was nick named the ghost or spirit house. It sat over the river on a bridge, filled with medieval armor, a grill in the middle the flames going half way to the ceiling and the most interesting pieces of art I have ever seen. In every picture, there were spirits, some you had to look closely, and some just jumped right out at you.  By far the most intriguing, gothic and impressive setting that I have enjoyed in my life, and some day I will see it again.

My favorite author is Anne Rice, her Vampire Chronicles are fantastic! Her Vampires are erotic, sensual, gorgeous, loving, powerful, fierce and strong.  Visit Anne Rice's web site it is filled with a lot of trivia, her newest writings, and more.

My favorite Vampire movie is The Lost Boys, the soundtrack alone for the movie can not be beat, and Tim Cappello who did the scene as the saxophone playing, rock singer in black leather and chains, and the most gorgeous man on earth ..... I have only two words for you Tim .. call me!  OK so I do have my moments of pure lust, but then again don't we all. If you have not seen the Lost Boys it is a true Vampire classic, filled with humor, thrills, great special effects and a awesome sound track.

Best Vampire Series on televisiton is True Blood. Thank you HBO for bringing Vampires to life. The story line is from The Southern Vampire Mysteries, also known as The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, is a series of books written by bestselling author Charlaine Harris. You can learn more about Charlaine Harris and her Novels Here. The televistion series True Blood varies a great deal for Charlaine Harris' Novels. The Charaters are done well from book to television. Her Novels are a must read for those who do want more of True Blood or want to know the complete story.

I have also written some vampire stories and you can read excerpts of them  under Dark Writings.

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